New root veggies.

Ok just a quick one, I planted Burdock and two different Salsify seeds, black salsify and a white root variety this year for the first time. I had foraged wild salsify last season and it was amazing so I bought some seeds from the Diggers seeds club and I also threw wild seeds I had collect in the garden too. Yesterday I dug up the roots plus some others I have grown before and roasted them all. Sorry no picture of finished meal it was to dark once I had finished.

Here I have Parsnip, Swede, White beets, Red beets, Burdock and black Salsify.

Well I loved the sasify but am a bit disappointed with the burdock, I may need to try it in a few different ways I think, it isn’t as nice as the Bull thistle (Crisium vulgare) root, the rest of the veggies as usual were superb. I will be letting some of the salsify self seed and hopefully it will come up everywhere in my yard YUM!



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