Bad habits. :)

Ok this post is not specifically food related but then again it is the other end of the food cycle so not totally irrelevant I guess, you know the business end if you like! I mean number one’s and two’s, yes weez and poozzz!

Glad I got that off my chest, I want to share my attempts at taking full responsibility for not only what goes into my body but what comes out of it.

I will share here on my blogs every now and then some not so food related things as I go along because it isn’t all just about food for me it is about being more responsible and sustainable in my home and yard.

So back to the subject, for the last coupler years I have really become obsessed with lowering my ecological foot print to one planet as that in reality is all we have. A big part of that is foraging, growing my own foods, fermenting and buying local food stuffs but there is more to it than that, it is about your whole life style, home, yard and life choices.
I have been blogging about all the yummy free foods that mother nature provides us and the bounties grown in my own garden but there is a few bad habits I had to tackle as well and as I assume we mostly all have the same bad habits I hope it will inspire others to a least look at these things a bit differently and every bit counts!
Months ago I started using a bucket to poo in, I had done this living up a tree for 6 days years ago and figured I could just do it at home as well I can’t afford expensive composting toilet systems and it may even be illegal what I’m doing but it will be funny to explain it in court I guess, anyway it is working well so far I made a frame for the toilet seat out of a milk crate as the picture shows, there’s not to many picture in this bog, oh I mean blog!! hehe so many jokes here.
I have a big bucket of saw dust to cover each poo to prevent odor and to absorb any liquids, you have to be carful not to wee to much in this one or it smells and the worms wouldn’t like to much nitrogen, it’s not a big deal if you wee a bit once in a while it just means you have to empty more often that’s all. I have a worm farm set up in a bath tub specifically for composting my pooz, it is working really well it doesn’t smell at all! But I had to tell my father who collects worms for fishing in my yard and I’m sure my worm farms not to go into “that worm farm” when I told him why he screwed up his face and went, no not that one for sure!!

Bucket loo for number two'z

On to number one’s I started with a bucket and an old pot lid, I was way surprised that the bucket doesn’t smell anywhere near as much as when you don’t flush the loo it must be a chemical reaction with the water and urine that gives it that real public toilet block smell, the wee in the bucket smell completely different as well, much more bearable.

I empty my wee into the several compost bins I have around the yard.

I was planing on making nice wooden frames for these in winter which I will still do for the poo bucket but I found an old portable loo under the house here from the previous owner and I cleaned it up pulled out the interior plumbing and put my wee bucket inside, it is a perfect hight and has a lid that is reasonably air tight so keeps any odor in plus I put nice smelly essential oils and herbs in there too so when you open the lid you get a whiff of  lavender or eucalyptus oil very pleasant.
This is a much better hight than just the bucket which wasn’t much chop on the old back when it was giving me curry, so it has worked out just perfectly but I will line the out side with wood so it looks nicer though.
Up until know I have been using 100% post consumer toilet paper but have thought of using cloth or making my own for ages and I’m now using recycled cotton cloth for number ones, so far, I am still using the toilet paper for the number two’s this may change in the future.

I have a bucket near the loo that I put the cloth in after use and after the whole day I soak them in another bucket with tea tree or eucalyptus oil and vinegar, then hand wash weekly. It is just like the cloth menstrual pads I use, it is no different really.
And I can tell you it is so strange the change of mind set when you start doing all these things, I mean when you see something as an asset instead of a waste product just to get rid of any old how it changes lots of old thought patterns.
Hehe it is funny because I see my poo and wee as a precious resource now so when I go out or to someone else’s place and use the loo I’m like dam what a waste flushing that away!!!
Also still in the bathroom I only use eucalyptus, tea tree oil and vinegar in a spray bottle for cleaning, I don’t use shampoo, conditioner or soap until I make my own castile soap in winter, I use a Camomile, Calendula, Peppermint, Rosemary tea and vinegar diluted down to rinse my hair with every two weeks or if it gets dirty, I also rub coconut oil through my hair and scalp every month.

I clean my teeth with charcoal, salt and tea tree oil and rinse with tea tree oil and water, when this tooth brush is finished I will use willow sticks, this is all working well so far and just an observation since using this instead of tooth paste I don’t get anywhere near as much mold in the plug hole interesting indeed! I also intend to use an old fashioned metal razor when I’m finished my last lot of disposable heads and find blades for the old razors I scrounged up.

Moving into the kitchen now, I make my own washing cloths from old towels and I don’t use detergent unless I have a really greasy item and then I use a so called environmentally friendly detergent, until I find an alternative that doesn’t use bloody borax or washing sodas, which are not good to flush out into the yard or water ways either, I will fill you guys in when I find an oily items detergenty thingy.
I have a pump bottle on the sink with vinegar, citrus and essential oils in it for cleaning which works well on not so oliy items, benches and floors.
All my water will be going out into my yard shortly I’m in the process of making reed beds to treat the water that will then go to my fruit trees, all my duck ponds are filled with rain water and that water when dirty goes through Ag pipe to my friut trees too.
The other big obsession I have is to rid my life of plastics were possible I use no single use plastics and I have started freezing in glass mason jars I do use a bit of recycled plastic as lids for these until I get to town to buy some tightly woven canvas. Freezing in glass takes a bit more room and the racks are heavy but it is so worth it to me and when this gets to much to handle I will use the upright freezer instead of the chest freezer.
So I just wanted to share all my dirty little secrets, hehe well not so dirty when looked at differently…….


2 comments on “Bad habits. :)

  1. haha I’m no queen, but a throne for sure and a magic throne at that that turns my poo into beautiful worm wee for my fruit trees for me to eat again, now thats a full circle!.

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