Jelly Fungi

I experimented with jelly fungi today, I’m  pretty sure this one is Pseudohydnum gelatinosumam and as there are no know deadly jelly fungi I thought I would try it, I was picking other mushrooms yesterday in the pine forest and came across these on an old fallen down tree trunk, they looked nice so I picked a little bowl full hoping they would be edible.

I looked up all the information I could find today and decided to try them just boiled in water and as a sweet dish, the texture reminded me of some of the strange gelatinous thingys that are in the hot, asian, coconut drinks I have had.  So I cooked one lot in honey & water I simmered them until the  liquid had reduced and thickened, I didn’t like either!

I think some people would like the sweet ones if any, they have a pine, woody taste with honey, I just can’t get past the texture though not to my liking.

Can’t say I didn’t try! 🙂


2 comments on “Jelly Fungi

  1. I wouldn’t say that, but I’m very curious and determined to utilize natures bounty that surrounds me. I feel connected and deeply nourished when I live of the land I’m living on, just makes sense to me.

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