Fields of Mushies

On the way home the other day I spotted out the corner of my eye scatterings of something white in the paddock not far from home I stopped to investigate sure they were field mushrooms (Agaricus campestris) I grab a basket and my knife out of the back and headed for the field with fingers crossed!

Field mushrooms (Agaricus campestris) & Evening primrose (Oenothera sp.) plants

Yes they were and there were a lot of them to, I was a bit overwhelmed I hadn’t seen field mushrooms like this since I was a teenager, I think I had been looking to late in the season. A lot of them had been turned over by the cows and the wallaby’s were having great fun nibbling the tops of nearly every new button but that didn’t phase me a few grubs and bite marks don’t worry this mushroom hunter.

I filled the basket in no time flat and I was aways away from the car and didn’t want to walk back, there was nothing around to make a makeshift basket with so thinking thinking, oh I know I had thermal pants on I will use those, so I did a strip show for the cows tied off the legs and wallah instant mushroom carrying vessel.

After I finished all that were there I headed back to the car and home, I stewed these up and froze them to add to stews later in winter YUM! The mushroom gods are being very generous to me this season!
In the picture you can also see some evening primrose (Oenthera sp.) I had pulled some out earlier to plant at home as well, I hope they take!

Cheers 🙂


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