Dock Root Hot Drink

I finally got around to roasting the Dock (Rumex obtusifolius) roots I collected a while back, it has turned out ok, it is very bitter probably more bitter than Dandelion tea so if you like that you may like this..

I dug the roots washed and dried them I then roast the root in my oven for about 2 hour the littler bit roast quicked so you have to keep checking and sorting out what is done and leave the bigger bit until dark all the way through and crispy.
I then ground it in my coffee grinder and simmered for 2 or 3 miutes just like Danylion tea. I have no idea what medicinal value this beverage has I did it to see if it was as nice as Dandelion because I love that but it is so expensive and I rarely have enough Dandelions all the time to process this way, I’m putting more Dandelions in all the time.
Well there are plenty of Dock around so give it a go there is nothing to loose.

I hope this picture isn't to dark.


2 comments on “Dock Root Hot Drink

  1. How did the dock root drink work out for you? I was harvesting my chicory roots for roasting, when I saw a giant weed among them. I pulled it, and found it had an impressive taproot, too. I thought maybe I could mix it with my coffee, too, but didn’t know what it was, so I did a bit of research online, and concluded it’s dock. What lead you to think it would make a good drink? Another site I found said it’s mildly toxic. I’m roasting it right now, following your lead; can you give me any tips?

  2. Hay mate, I haven’t found any reliable literature on dock (Rumex sp.) being toxic if anything they may mean the oxalic acids in them people seem to have a lot of fear around this and some may react more than other to it but I have never had any problem with using this genus of plant. I think they can effect some animals like horses and goats?

    I love the dock root drink I make it is lovely and bitter if you like biters, I mix mine with roast acorn, carob pods, dandelion root and chicory if I have them. all you can do is roast it and give it a try then mix it to your own taste with your chicory roots good luck 🙂

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