Fruit Leatherzzzzz

Come on you beautiful sweet Blackberries! Blackberries are my favorite berry and should be ready shortly.

So I just wanted to do a quick update on my fruit leather making experiments without electricity!

So far I have done Yellow Plum & Honey, Green Gage Plum, Silvenberries, Chilly & Honey, seedless Sylvenberrie & Chilly and Tassie native Snow Berry (Gaultheria hispida) & Honey.

Left to rite, Green Gage, Yellow Plum & Honey, Sylvenberry, Chilly & Honey and Seedless Sylvenberry & Chilly.

The Yellow Plum I did by spreading onto a big stainless steel bench in the sun for a day, it was an amazingly hot sunny day so worked beautifully, by the time I got the Green Gages I had aquirered some stainless steel trays and I wanted to try making thicker leathers so I used these, it also happened that it wasn’t nice weather as well so I dried these in the car and it worked fine.

The Snow Berries I talked about recently, they didn’t stick together like other fruit leathers so next time I will mix them with other fruits.

Now I had Sylvenberries in the freezer from last season from our farm so I used these, I did the first lot of Sylvenberry leathers with the seeds to see if I needed to go to the extra trouble of de seeding, deep down inside I knew I was going to have to do the extra work but you don’t know unless you try do you! Anyway they are ok if you don’t mind seeds the flavor is great, really hot! But I don’t love the seeds as I have bad teeth so I de seeded the next lot. I also dried these in the car, this one took ages to dry and was hard to get off the tray and they are way to strong for me! next time I have berries I will mix with another fruit.
When I say I dried in the car I mean for most of the time, when it was really sunny and I thought it was safe from raining I did put them out on top of the car here and there OK!
And another note these were all raw not cooked just blended up to pulp and dried!

So far my favorite is the Plum leathers and the Plums are free so bonus, there are about three or four plums that grow feral here in Tasmania, if you keep your eyes open on the sides of roads they are everywhere!

Well wild Blackberries and Apples next, not an Apple fan but may be nice with other fruits we will see I have to give it a go anyway, I will do up date when they are ready cheers. 🙂


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