Soup for any day.

Yah for the rain….. The gardens really needed a good soaking, tomorrow it all will have grown a few inches I recon.
A nice day for making soup and I just happen to have a couple of big beautiful Zucchini’s and some lush zingy Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) in the veggie patch so in between showers I ducked out and grab what I needed, my grandfather gave me a leek last night as well so I will throw that in too, mmmm I’m thinking Curried Zucchini and Sorrel soup Yum!

To make this delicious delight chop and fry off 5 Onions and 3 Garlic cloves in olive oil after 2 minutes add 1 teaspoon each off dried Chilly powder, Tumeric powder, Cummin powder, Sweet Paprika powder, Curry leaves and any mixed curry powders you like add some Black Pepper and White Pepper, fry all this to release all the magic aromas. Then add 2 big chopped Zucchini’s and the leak and fry for another 2 minutes until these become slightly soft, cover with water now salt to taste and simmer untill it is all cooked and reduced slightly. Rite now why this is simmering wash and chop the Sorrel I used about 5 packed cups full as I love Sorrel it depends on your taste, when the soup is done stir in the Sorrel for only a minute as you don’t want to over cook it, take it off the heat and blend until creamy smooth then serve with fresh lemon and grab a handful of fresh Sorrel, rip it up stir it in, squeeze the lemon over and  Walah…. This soup is a taste sensation with its smooth and creamy texture the warmness of the spices cut threw by the zestyness of the Lemon and acid in the Sorrel and salted to round it all off perfectly, just how I love my Zucchini soup. Well I hope you enjoy this recipe it freezes well just heat up gentle each time you use don’t re boil it OK!


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