Mmmm Muscles

Yum Muscles are one of my favorite sea foods, we have the Tasmanian Black Muscles here and they are my favorite Muscle. I didn’t forage for these myself my brother picked them on the way home from a weekend away a few weeks ago, I’m just getting around to posting this now.

I haven’t had a chance to do a coastal foraging trip yet this year  but very soon and hopefully I will have a lot to post about.

I cooked a meal of Chilly Muscles for myself straight away, I put them in a pot added my fermented Chilly Sauce and for liquid I used some of my Kombucha that had Ginger in it, it worked really well nice hot and tangy.

I served the Chilly Kombucha Muscles with couscous, in my couscous I add cinnamon powder, a coupler chopped preserved lemons, pepper, fermented chilly sauce, Dandelion leaves (Taraxacum officinal) and fresh lemon juice. In the middle I put my home made Tomato & Ginger sauce all this on top of my gorgeous Purple Orach leaves.

I cooked the rest in salt water and a chunk of sea weed (dried Kelp) after they had cooled I pulled the meat out and I scraped the actual hinge muscle of the shells too, I can’t bare to waste that bit it is so good and then I bottled in a brine a tinny bit of vinegar and parboiled for 20 min.

I opened one of the jars the other day and they are amazing sweet and tasty, I thought I could make them last a week but I ate them that day!
I will definitely be doing a heap of these on my coastal foraging trip.


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