Worm wood wonderings….

Worm wood (Artimesia absinthium) a beautiful ferny silver grey plant, It has many uses so far I have tried to smoke it and drink it and that didn’t really end well… I read it is a good sedative and pain killer so I researched it and there is heaps of literature about this plants medicinal uses and it has been used extensively in the past.

I think it is most famous for the drink made from it call Absinth, I haven’t tried this but a few of my friend have told me stories about it, I may try to make a tincture from it but I don’t want to drink it as a recreational drink as alcohol tends to give me a headache now so it would be counter productive.

So here is my experience so far……

Lovely ferny silver grey leaves of worm wood

I made a tea out of it and it was so bitter it was like chewing a panadine forte tablet I couldn’t drink it…

So I got my small pipe out to try to smoke it as there is quiet a bit of literature on this use, so I packed it in and lite it up took a big drag and OMG it was so harsh, it ripped my throat to shreds. The people that smoke it must be smokers. I’m not so need to make it smoother some how.


Not having much luck so far using it medicinally but I’m not giving up on it yet!!
I’m drying Mullein leaves to mix with it to see if that helps, Mullein is another sedative leaf that is supposed to be smooth to smoke.  I have a shisha hooker and once the Mullien is ready I will try smoking it in that I’m wanting to cut the shisha tobacco (which is a great muscle relaxant) with different herbs that I can use as an alternative pain killer and relaxant.

Any way I wanted to post about the little scent bags I made today, more success with that I’m going to put them in with my hand spun balls of wool, my wardrobe and my skins because I have an infestation of moths and I don’t want to use the old moth balls.
I read that it was good for chicken nest for mites ect that was the original reason I bought the plant to grow, I put it in all my poultry nesting boxes everytime I clean them out and I assumed it would work on these pesky moths too.
here hoping…..  I added some dried Rosemary for extra kick.

It is nice to put a bit in your pillow too, it is supposed to give you vivid dreams but a good deep sleep I’m not sure it actually did this for me but it was a pleasant smell to fall to sleep too.

Worm wood & Rosemary insect repellent scent bags


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