Dock seeds of life….


Dock seeds drying in my studio


A pretty windy not so nice day outside today so cooking it is….

My Dock seeds (Rumex obtusifolius) are nice and dry so I decided to make some yummy Dock seed muesli muffins, Dock seeds have become one of my absolute favourite foraged foods.

The leaves are great in salads or cooked the roots can be roasted but my favourite bit is the seeds they look insignificant papery and not very appetizing but in this case you can’t judge a book by its cover…..

I now get most of my food from foraging, hunting or growing it but grains are a hard one I want to find things that halve my use of bought flours and I have found that adding dock and plaintain (Plantago sp.) seeds are good for this so far.



They are abundant here so have no problem getting them and I love the texture and taste, these additions just give my muffins and breads something special an earthiness, a wholesomeness if you like.

Dock seeds removed from stems

Dock seeds sieved and ground








Once my Dock seeds are nice and dry I strip the seeds from the branches and sieve them to remove dust and small unwanted bits, I then grind them in my trusty coffee grinder and add to muffins, breads and cakes ect.
This is the recipe for the power packed muffins I made today.

2 cups plain stoneground flour

Roast Acorns

1/2 tsp. natural bicarb soda

1 cup Dock flour

1/2 cup ground roast Acorns (Quercus sp.)

1/2 oats

1/2 sunflower seeds

1/2 pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup honey

1 tbsp. raw sugar

Home grown dried Calendula and Camomile flowers

1 tsp.  Camomile flowers

1 tsp.  Calendula petals

1/2  dry nettle (Utica)

A few drops of vanilla extract

1/2 olive oil

Extra water to make batter

Bake in moderate oven for about 20 minutes

A lot of the ingredients in these was foraged for or grown by me making them even more satisfying…..

Dock seed Muesli Muffins with Acorn coffee


I enjoyed these with my roast acorn coffee which I will do a blog about in the new acorn season shortly.


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