Red Fin Perch Summer Meal

Ok I’m finally back to it, it is all happening here in Tasmania, summer is kicking in and the sun has been shining today so I decided to go for a foraging trip.

There is a weir above my home town that my family gets water from and I thought it would be nice up there next to the running water in the shade as it was quiet hot but to mine and my father’s surprise who accompanied me there was a little trickle of water the weir was empty, we must have a broken pipe my father informed me ” I will have to walk done the pipe line now I recon a big ol tree has fallen on her” So whilst dad surveyed the area I wondered off to see what I could find…..

A little further along the old dirt road I found many Nettles (Urtica dioica) thriving in the dappled shade of the surrounding scrub.  They are in full flower their tiny flowers along their Racemes hanging down like little gems, pretty and delicate as they look they got their sweet revenge a few times but I was not deterred as Nettle is one of my favourite wild green so they were definitely coming home with me, one even got me through my leather glove rite on the end of my thumb owwww don’t scratch it, don’t scratch it!!

Well dad was getting itchy feet always on the move coming around the corner he said “come on I gotta go feed them cow’s”  he took a look at my basket shook his head and said “you would eat any bloody thing you would” grunted and headed for the 4 wheel drive.

We drove back down towards home through the surrounding pine plantation (Pinus radiata) not only was the smell strong, wafting through the car but the branches were whacking my face in through the window as we bumped along so as dad jumped out to attack the thistles with a big metal pole that he carries especially for this task, so they won’t spread their seed I grabbed the fresh sticky with resin tip off one of the trees and added it to my basket.

Back home I had my last Red Fin Perch out thawing and decided I would stuff it with the pine needles and my friends gorgeous organic lemons.

Red Fin Perch

I remembered I had comfrey (Symphytum sp,)out the back  and I hadn’t tried it yet so thought I may as well try four new thing today it a good day why the hell not, the fish was stuffed tied and baking in the oven, I chopped the comfrey and added it and some dried nettle from last week into a red wine and tomato sauce base I made last summer. I put a pot of my uncle’s new pink eye potatoes with a big sprig of mint in then boiled.

I made some Cat tail (Typha sp.) flower flat breads and everything was ready.

Plated up ready for its picture, the problem with being a food blogger is that you eat a majority of your meals cold!
So time to plate up, added sauerkraut, drizzled the sauce over and garnished, click, click and I chowed down.
The bitterness off the fiddle heads went well with the tartness of the red wine sauce, YUM!

Finished meal

As I sat there enjoying my hard won meal feeling that deep satisfaction you get when you look at your plate and know you have either foraged, hunted, grown or made from scratch everything on your plate nothing beats it, and I mused I wonder what the rich people are eating to night…….
Note- there is debate about comfrey so please research things for your self an make your own decisions I am just sharing my experiences ok.. 🙂


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